Mobile data acquisition

With mobile devices, field surveyors can bring information with them into the field (aerial photos, sketches and default values). Then they can upload collected data to the central database via the mobile network each day.

The field application MAIRA ensures a seamless and controlled recording of approx. 300 characteristics of a sampling area. The software guides the field surveyor throughout the recording process and checks the plausibility of the values entered. MAIRA is also used in regional inventories (Principality of Liechtenstein, Canton Graubünden etc.) and can be configured to partners' individual preferences by activating or deactivating thematic modules. In addition to entering values manually, data from GPS-devices or photos from cameras can also be imported.

The structured survey of the nearly 800 forest rangers, on the other hand, is carried out using the SILVIS program approximately every five years. All programs are further developed following a standardized development cycle, in close cooperation with the users.