Analysis software NAFIDAS

The NAFIDAS analysis software provides consistent and reliable reports on data from the Swiss National Forest Inventory (NFI) and the participating cantons in tabulated format.

In order to compile a table, the user opens the NAFIDAS graphical user interface in a web browser and controls the analysis by selecting all necessary parameters, such as inventory period, desired target value, etc. The application guides the user as much as possible and guarantees a valid combination of parameters in each case. These form the basis for calculating estimates with the statistical software SAS.

After starting the analysis, the software modules read the inventory data directly from a database (real time processing) and return the calculated result tables to the web browser, or in a file format. The parameter set of the tables published online, as well as the values indicated in the tables themselves, are stored in a database accessible to all users. Thus, the tables can be reproduced at any time.