Instructions for querying results from NFI plots

A total of 94,860 tables and maps with NFI results are currently available for selection in the interactive results query system.

All tables follow the structure shown below.

illustration of the table layout
Table layout

The ‘target variable’ is the topic being analysed (e.g. forest area, growing stock, number of stems); the ‘classification variable’ is used to classify the analysed data (target variable) according to a certain characteristic (e.g. ownership, with the classes public and private); and the ‘regional demarcation’ is used to classify the data geographically (e.g. production regions, cantons).

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The maps are based on the tables, with each table row visualised separately.

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You can use keywords of your choice to start a results query (‘search’). Alternatively, you can select the target variable from a list (‘topics’), specify the geographic division (‘regions’), or select the NFI (‘inventories’) for which you would like to see results.

Current version of data: NFI4 (2009–2017)

All results, including those from previous inventories, are recalculated using the methods currently in use to ensure the comparability of data from different inventories. Results published in previous reports therefore may not be identical to the latest values posted online.


Abegg, M.; Brändli, U.-B.; Cioldi, F.; Fischer, C.; Herold, A.; Meile, R.; Rösler, E.; Speich, S.; Traub, B., 2020: Swiss national forest inventory NFI. Result tables and maps of the NFI surveys 1983–2017 (NFI1, NFI2, NFI3, NFI4) on the internet. [Published online 10.6.2020] Available from World Wide Web <>. Birmensdorf, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL