Privacy policy

Data that we collect and process to make the website available to users

We record every visit to the website in log files. Along with other information, we log the IP address, the operating system and the website last accessed in the same browser window (referrer). We use these data to ensure the security of our systems. We may also analyse them for statistical purposes to improve the user-friendliness of the website.

Personal data we collect when you use our applications

If you use our contact or participation forms (e.g. reporting high-elevation sightings of trees or shrubs), we store your details only for possible further enquiries. We do not share them with third parties or use them for marketing purposes. You can request deletion at any time:

How we use cookies

We do not use advertising (tracking) cookies, only our own functional cookies. These are necessary to provide you with the best possible experience as a user. For example, cookies are used to store information about the language you select for viewing the website and whether you have logged into the restricted area.