Special assessments

The NFI results published in books or on the Internet are not detailed enough for some purposes. The NFI therefore also carries out special assessments for public clients.

Overview of the number of special assessments conducted in 1986–2023 (German)

The NFI would be pleased to offer you a free initial consultation and then provide you with a quote for an assessment customised to your needs.

To explore the possibilities, please refer to the results report, the results available on the Internet, and the data catalogue. You can find out when the terrestrial surveys and aerial photo surveys were carried out under «Data status».

The most important prerequisite for a special assessment is that the study area is sufficiently large: if the growing stock is to be accurate to ±10%, the study area must cover 5'000–15'000 ha of forest. For a similarly accurate increment estimate, the forest area must be 10'000–25'000 ha.

For further information or to place an order please contact Fabrizio Cioldi.