Results of the second Swiss national forest inventory 1993-1995

Schweizerisches Landesforstinventar.
Ergebnisse der Zweitaufnahme 1993-1995

Peter Brassel, Urs-Beat Brändli (Red.) 1999

ISBN 3-258-05897-0
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The survey for the second Swiss National Forest Inventory took place ten years after the first, from 1993-1995. The results showing the condition and development of the Swiss forest are extensively presented and discussed.


Forest area, forest site, standing volume, increment, current and future yield, wood assortment, forest type, stand age, tree species, forest regeneration, forest damage, stability, accessbility, management, forest as a habitat, forest edge, biotope value, recreation, avalanche- and rockfall-protection forests, control of sustainability, results by canton, comparison with other European countries.