Forest photo search

Since NFI4 (2009–2017), each sample plot has been documented with photos. Each cardinal direction and the sample-plot centre are photographed once. Starting with NFI5 (2018–2026), a 360° photo is also taken, in which the forest stand can be viewed interactively in all directions and from the treetops to the ground.

You can access the NFI’s collection ‘the Swiss forest in photos’ here.

You can use the various filters to refine your photo search.

Note: The search and the filters always refer to the sample plots and not to what can be seen in the photos. For example, a search for ‘mountain pine’ will show photos of sample plots where mountain pine is present, but mountain pine may not be visible in the actual photos.

Copyright: The photos may be used for publication purposes if the source is indicated with ‘Photo Swiss NFI/WSL’.