German-French-Italian-English dictionary of plant names and technical terms used in the NFI.

forest district

Organisational unit of the cantonal forestry service, usually headed by a forest engineer. According to Art. 51 para. 2 of Switzerland's Forest Act (ForA; SR 921.0), each canton must divide its territory into forest districts and these in turn into forest areas.



Organisationseinheit des kantonalen Forstdienstes, die in der Regel durch eine/n Forstingenieur/in geleitet wird. Gemäss Art. 51 Abs. 2 des Bundesgesetzes über den Wald (WaG; SR 921.0) hat jeder Kanton sein Gebiet in Forstkreise und diese wiederum in Forstreviere einzuteilen.


arrondissement forestier

Unité organisationnelle du service forestier cantonal, généralement dirigée par un(e) ingénieur(e) forestier(ère). En vertu de l'art. 51, al. 2, de la Loi fédérale sur les forêts (LFo; RS 921.0), chaque canton doit diviser son territoire en arrondissements forestiers, eux-mêmes subdivisés en triages forestiers.


circondario forestale

Unità organizzativa del servizio forestale cantonale, solitamente diretta da un ingegnere forestale. Secondo l'art. 51 cpv. 2 della legge federale sulle foreste (LFo; RS 921.0), ogni Cantone deve suddividere il suo territorio in circondari forestali, a loro volta suddivisi in settori forestali.